Email Hygiene Improves Your Deliverability

What does it mean to clean your email list?

  • SendReach's email hygience service verifies authentic email addresses in your mailing list
  • We remove non-existant or mistyped email addresses and any hard bounces
  • Get a new copy of your clean list loaded right into your SendReach Lists & Contacts



Email Hygiene with GraphicMail


Top 4 reasons to clean your email list:

  • Save wasted money - a clean email list saves you the trouble of spending money to send messages to inactive and/or non-responsive addresses
  • Reduce spam complaints - sending to bad email  addresses triggers often results in spam complaints and ISP blocks. The  cleaner your list, the better your chance for delivery and inbox  placement. 
  • Improve campaign results - higher inbox placement  rates mean higher open rates. This leads to increased conversions and  sales, which equals higher ROI on your email campaigns.
  • Reduce reputation risks - repeatedly sending to  invalid email addresses can hurt the sender reputation for your company  and registered domain. The higher your engagement rate, the better your  delivery rate.

A clean list is a key factor of email marketing success.


Clean up your lists with GraphicMail


Why use SendReach for email hygiene?

  • Fast turnaround - we'll start processing your list as soon as you submit it and have your file back the same day.
  • Cost effective - SendReach pricing will save you money, especially for bulk email hygiene. See our competitive prices below. 
  • Quality assurance  - SendReach has been a global  industry leader for over 4 years. We'll bring the same professionalism  & care when cleaning your lists. 

Email verification pricing



Contacts up to 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000 Need more?
Price per 1000 $ 4.00 3.00 2.50 2.00

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